Saturday, December 30, 2006

November 16th, 2006

I've learned that all it takes is a call from a friend at 8am to ask you to go for pizza and cupcakes after work to start a day off right.

I've learned that sometimes all it takes is a good cry to realize you don't have it THAT bad.

I've learned that all you have to do is brush your teeth twice a day and you won't get cavities (no matter how much candy you eat!).

I've learned that there will always be that ONE friend who will always disappoint you no matter what you do.

I've learned that cinammon life cereal might just be as good a dinner as some chicken and mashed pototoes.

I've learned that if you're craving that lemon cupcake, get the lemon cupcake because you'll be pissed if the pumpkin one isn't good.

I've learned that all it takes is to hear your mom say...."FUCK THEM ALL!" to make you feel so much better.

I've learned that rain isn't that bad.

I've learned that your boss can have really bad days, but the good days are what makes you LOVE your job.

I've learned that sometimes your husband just doesn't know what to say to make you feel better - but just having him walk 40 blocks next to you without saying anything does.

I've learned that you can sleep so much better if you just lock the cats out of the room!

I've learned that apple pie is always better with vanilla ice cream on the side.

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