Friday, July 16, 2010

July 16, 2010

I’ve learned that sometimes you just need a vacation where you land at the airport, you take a taxi to your hotel, and you don’t leave for four days.

I’ve learned that Saran Wrap sticks to nothing you want it to stick to and everything you don’t.

I’ve learned that you can’t leave ceramic pots outside on the fire escape year-round without them cracking.

I’ve learned that you should specify if someone says 50% off or if they REALLY said 15% off.

I’ve learned that if you can rent a car by the hour, you should add at least one hour extra to the time you THINK you need.

I’ve learned that when you need five hooks, they will come in a package of four.

I’ve learned you should always put the teeniest bit of jalapeno and then taste test before you put in half of the jalapeno.

I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter if you are pregnant and literally dancing, NO ONE is going to allow you to cut in line to use the bathroom.

I’ve learned that renovations take TWICE AS LONG as originally planned.

I’ve learned that Honey Kix tastes exactly the same as regular Kix.