Sunday, April 13, 2008

April 13, 2008

I’ve learned that a woman preaching about Jesus is not the first thing I want to listen to on the subway in the morning.

I’ve learned that when my cat is acting erratic, there is a cockroach in the apartment.

I’ve learned that sometimes it’s ok to be vain.

I’ve learned that a flea market is the best place to find some cute vintage stickers.

I’ve learned that there is a reason why we didn’t buy that apartment eighteen months ago.

I’ve learned that just because it’s free doesn’t mean you need it.

I’ve learned that accepting the offer at my job is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life.

I’ve learned that if you want to get your stomach muscles in tip-top shape, take some pilates classes.

I’ve learned that my husband and I make the best team of creating baby shower invitations.

I’ve learned that sometimes you just have to say….”I don’t care if we’ve been there already. I want to go there again!”

I’ve learned that there are so many exciting things about to happen in our lives and I can’t wait!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

April 5, 2008

I enjoy writing when I’m happy. That’s just me. Who wants to hear this is wrong…. And that is wrong…. Oh, and this is wrong too? The past couple of months have been tough. I went from having 3 healthy grandparents just nine months ago to now having one pass away, one in complete confusion and not remember anything that happened to him in the last 30 seconds and one diagnosed with lung cancer. Needless to say, it’s been a hard ten weeks.

Things are looking up and I am back to writing again……

Good Things I’ve Learned Over the Past Ten Weeks:

I’ve learned that if it rains hard enough outside, it will be raining inside of that subway station.

I’ve learned that you should not wear UGGS if there is any change of snow accumulation.

I’ve learned that sometimes you will get a nice bus driver.

I’ve learned that sending Valentine’s Day packages is something I enjoy doing and if someone can’t have the decency to call and say “THANK YOU”, they aren’t getting one next year.

I’ve learned that I enjoy commuting to work with my husband.

I’ve learned that my cat is deathly afraid of the ironing board, but that he doesn’t mind laying on it any chance he gets.

I’ve learned that it’s fun having straight hair when I haven’t done it in a while.

I’ve learned that I will never understand why an adult puts their hands in their mouth.

I’ve learned that contacts don’t work in tired eyes.

I’ve learned that when J.Crew says green PATENT belt, it’s really going to be shiny!

I’ve learned that I will never again sell a game system on ebay!

I’ve learned that eighteen year olds look me up and down like I am their age.

I’ve learned that my bra cup size is bigger than a yarmulke.

I’ve learned that there is nothing like shopping with someone else’s money.

I’ve learned that if it’s not nailed to the ground, it can be sold on ebay.

I’ve learned that it’s nice to have an old friend to remind you of your life ten years ago when all you talked about is moving to New York City.

I’ve learned that you should NEVER order underwear online because you might just end up returning 14 pairs!

I’ve learned that your life is all about your attitude towards the things surrounding it!