Sunday, June 24, 2007

June 25th, 2007

I've learned that a month off work is the best way to realize that you never want to work again!

I've learned that it takes time to pick which of the two job offers to take, but when they both REALLY want you, they will give you all the time you need.

I've learned that you shouldn't always take the job where the money is, sometimes you need to take the position where you'll be most happy.

I've learned that only time will tell if I made the right decision.

I've learned that you should NEVER forget to bring socks on a plane.

I've learned that I am no longer the same generation that hangs out at "the block" in Virginia Beach and I'm just wondering when this all happened!

I've learned that there is nothing more to remind me of the fact that I am a Democrat than going back to visit Virginia Beach where people don't believe in gay marriages and people aim for squirrels in their big huge gas guzzling trucks.

I've learned that I will NEVER EVER understand how anyone in MY generation does not believe in gay marriages.... can someone explain this to me?

I've learned that late nights spent talking with an old friend will remind you of the reason you are friends in the first place.

I've learned that I will never win at BINGO.

I've learned that there will never be enough time to spend with your mom.

I've learned that if you leave your computer in the possession of your husband while you are away on vacation, that he will run a virus scan that mysteriously causes the computer to stop working permanently and when you get home, YOU will be the one who has to run around having a nervous breakdown because there hasn't been a backup ran in about a year.

I've learned that after knowing my husband for 5 years, he's NOW decided to tell me that HE likes the window seat on an airplane.

I've learned that San Francisco has more people begging for money than New York City.

I've learned that high-end retail stores do not interest me while I'm on vacation.

I've learned that I WILL FIND a fabulous cupcake shoppe even when I'm on the other side of the country- and they will know my name by the end of the week.

I've learned that if you're not interested in wine, don't waste your time going to Napa Valley unless you don't mind driving around for hours to see the amazing views.

I've learned that hot air balloon rides are amazing and worth every penny.

I've learned that there are Jelly-Belly flavors such as booger, dirt and vomit (i'm not kidding!!) and that the young teenage boy working at the factory will think it's funny to tell me that the vomit Jelly-Belly is pepperoni pizza.

I've learned that when leaving a hotel room, you MUST CHECK the closet to see if you've forgotten anything because your favorite black blazer might still be hanging in it when you decide to drive to the next vacation destination which is 3 hours away.

I've learned that a vacation in California can cost more than a honeymoon.

I've learned that there is no reason to pack 5 dresses, 4 handbags, and 9 pairs of shoes because you'll only wear 3 pairs of shoes, you'll only use the handbag you used when boarding your plane in NYC and you will not wear even ONE of those dresses!

I've learned that people coming back from vacation always use the "jet-lag" excuse--- there is no such thing as "jet-lag".... you just don't want to go back to work!

I've learned that there is nothing better than hearing that MEOW coming from the other side of the apartment door while I walk up 3 flights of steps after a vacation.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

June 2, 2007

I've learned that 85 degrees and a black suit are not a good combination.

I've learned that it's perfectly ok to turn down a second interview when you are not interested.

I've learned that if you aren't at all interested in a job, you shouldn't even waste your time going to the interview.

I've learned that many offers will come my way, but it's up to me to decide which one to chose.

I've learned that stress brings on weight loss and I can't afford to lose any more.

I've learned that there is nothing better than the clearance rack at Banana Republic in Fairfax, Virginia!

I've learned that dressing up for work might not be that bad.

I've learned that pop-rocks can make my day especially when I can pop them between my teeth and have them directly shoot my husband in his face.

I've learned that things might not go as planned, but that you might be better for it.

I've learned that when your husband says he doesn't want any of that fried ice cream, you shouldn't give him a spoon!

I've learned that you should never trust what someone says... get that shit in writing!

I've learned that I don't have to get ice cream at every ice cream truck that passes by - Ben and Jerry's at the corner store might be the better choice.

I've learned that the best jobs are ones you find for yourself, not ones that a recruiter finds for you.

I've learned that when you've got two amazing offers on the table, you need to pick which one is best for you, not the one that everyone is telling you to take.

I've learned that it's nice to feel confident and wanted again.

I've learned that nothing is stable in the fashion industry.

I've learned that I don't need to suffer in the heat when I have an air conditioner that works wonders.

I've learned that sometimes you need some fish tacos.