Sunday, June 01, 2008

June 1st, 2008

I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter how handsome you are, you look like an idiot in a red tie!

I’ve learned that rain is better with a colorful umbrella.

I’ve learned that an evening spent eating soup and catching up on TV is sometimes better than having plans.

I’ve learned that I’m not the only one who enjoys watching rats on the subway tracks.

I’ve learned that real men read Martha Stewart Living.

I’ve learned that when it’s your body, sometimes you know better than a doctor.

I’ve learned that I might be a child of the 70’s because I know how to tie-dye!

I’ve learned that sometimes you just need to throw that hair up in a ponytail.

I’ve learned that when traveling, my suitcase will ALWAYS be the last suitcase on the baggage claim.

I’ve learned that when I have weekend vacation plans that get canceled, all my best friends are super quick to ask if I’ll come visit them instead. (awwwww.)

I’ve learned that it’s not smart to drink two cups of coffee, eat three bowls of raisin bran and drink a glass of Metamucil twenty-four hours before you’re scheduled to board a flight.

I’ve learned sometimes a photographer (ech-em husband) should not be messing with settings on your own camera when you’re about to take a trip without him!

I’ve learned that planes really do leave on time.

I’ve learned that sometimes it takes going over the Manhattan Bridge in a taxi at midnight to realize I live in the best place in the world.