Sunday, March 01, 2009

March 1, 2009

I’ve learned that even when it’s only an emergency fire drill, the building will never get it right.

I’ve learned that you never realize how much you missed hot water in the shower.

I’ve learned that as much as you don’t want to work out, you’ll feel much better when you do.

I’ve learned that the new grocery store near the office (Shoprite) has cheap groceries!

I’ve learned that you get dizzy when it’s 3pm and you haven’t yet eaten.

I’ve learned that there are friends you can talk to about serious things, and some you can’t.

I’ve learned that the one time you make lunch plans and you are ready to head out the door in ten minutes, your boss will ask you to do something.

I’ve learned that I’ll never understand why there are half eaten chicken wings on the street and not in the garbage.

I’ve learned that even teenage girls sing on the bus to music I listened to when I was their age.

I’ve learned that Swedish Fish have the word SWEDISH on them!

I’ve learned that there is NO POINT in going to Circuit City’s liquidation sale because you won’t find anything but junk.

I’ve learned that you should ALWAYS read the fine print on the back of gift cards – it doesn’t matter that the front of the card says it’s expired – it’s THE CARD that expires, NOT the funds!

I’ve learned that a windy day in NYC will cause a plastic bag to get stuck in a tree four flights up!

I’ve learned that sometimes, no matter how much he meows, he needs to be locked out of the room.


s.b. ellie said...

hey, its liz. i have a blog too, but cant seem to figure out how to follow yours? im a little blogger me?

ps-i love your lists of things learned...i learned a few things reading them :)

Becky said...

Liz! you can follow it on facebook! I have it hooked up through there. i'll send you a request tomorrow. xoxo.