Sunday, March 22, 2009

March 22, 2009

I’ve learned that when you want a Cadbury Crème Egg, you won’t be able to find one.

I’ve learned that even though my husband knows how well I understand the NYC subway lines, he will always question me.

I’ve learned that a dermatologist doesn’t want to hear about hormonal issues.

I’ve learned that when I’m skipping every song on my ipod, it means I need new music.

I’ve learned that sometimes standing in line isn’t worth it.

I’ve learned that nothing beats last minute plans during the week.

I’ve learned that the meaning of perfect advertising is when you’re on your way home and you suddenly see a movie poster across the street from a movie theater and all of a sudden you are no longer on the way home, but you’re crossing the street to buy movie tickets.

I’ve learned that people lose that one glove on the sidewalk by not paying attention to what is falling out of their bag.

I’ve learned that “America DOES NOT Have Talent.”

I’ve learned that black nail polish makes an absolute mess when you are trying to take it off.

I’ve learned that as long as I’m not seeing any cockroaches, the RIDDEXplus stays in that outlet!

I’ve learned that you gotta love a man who will clean the bathroom.

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s.b. ellie said...

I feel you on the bathroom helper...our men are The Best!!!