Sunday, July 29, 2007

July 29, 2007

I've learned that hearing praise from your boss about how happy he is with you is a reminder that you weren't the problem in that past job.

I've learned that forgetting my ipod in the morning will assure me a day of annoyance while riding the train.

I've learned that living in NYC means you have to start planning for the holidays in July or else you won't be able to get a rental car.

I've learned that walking up and down four flights of stairs to do four loads of laundry means you can skip the leg exercises for one day.

I've learned that I need to carry around one of those hand-held fans for when I'm down in the subway stations.

I've learned that an elastic band to put up your hair was the best invention ever created.

I've learned that after more than a year of working in the fashion industry, it's fun to get compliments on my clothing again.

I've learned that the people at my new job, who have only known me for five weeks, know me better than people at Michael Kors who I worked with for 15 months.

I've learned that ingesting squid ink risotto will most definitely turn your poop black!!!!

I've learned that spending $2.50 on two peaches at the organic food market are not any better than the peaches you get at the grocery store for half the price.

I've learned that you should never tell a friend where you got a piece of jewelery.... jewelery is very personal, and it's weird to see a necklace you have on someone else when it means something special to you.

I've learned that when you wear the wrong underwear and they are seriously driving you crazy, it's perfectly ok to go commando.

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