Sunday, July 22, 2007

July 22, 2007

I've learned that something that is a dream come true for one person, might really be hurting another.

I've learned that only one week ago I had no idea who Michael Vick was, and now that I do, I will make sure that everyone I know knows who he is, what he did, and what should be done.

I've learned that I can only walk two blocks to purchase a thirty one pound box of cat litter at the store, carrying up three flights of stairs is another story.

I've learned that every single picture from college shows me with a cigarette in my hand.

I've learned that I will never get used to the cockroaches that I am forced to share the sidewalks with in the summer.

I've learned that when I want some ice in my drink (which I NEVER do), we will have no ice in the freezer.

I've learned that doing fifty squats to tone my legs will mean I won't be able to walk in the morning.

I've learned that there is nothing to make you feel better about having to go up a size in jeans than finding those SEVENs at a thrift store for $25!!

I've learned that when I really really want to make a trip home, flights will be $400 and no chance of going down in price any time in the near future.

I've learned that it's exciting to take a break from your every weekend routine to hang out with a girl who you don't have to impress, who you can talk about your family with (because she KNOWS your family) and you can have so much fun with at the same time.

I've learned that when someone seriously looks familiar, you should ask them where you know them from because chances are they might be from VIRGINIA BEACH, GRADUATED FROM PRINCESS ANNE in 1997 and is living IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD!!! (so exciting)

I've learned that sometimes you have a friend who you thought was a great friend, but one thing can change the way you feel about her forever.

I've learned that if Charlie hears me talking about David Beckham one more time, I think he's going to tell me to move to Los Angeles.

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