Saturday, April 28, 2007

April 28, 2007

I've learned that once my cat gets out the door once, she will do it again for the next three days.

I've learned that those sneakers are at an outlet store for a reason -- try them on!

I've learned that getting someone an unexpected gift is almost as good as getting yourself one.

I've learned that a day without myspace isn't going to kill me.

I've learned that ordering eighteen (yes! 18!) personals at work six months before the season starts might actually not be the best idea!

I've learned that cards in the mail are the best especially when they are from your mom.

I've learned that your feet shouldn't get wet while wearing rain boots you bought four months ago!

I've learned that the longer my hair gets, the more compliments I receive.

I've learned that eating pasta for lunch will certainly get looks (and comments) from other girls in the office.

I've learned that Old Navy is the best place to go for basics like tank tops and tshirts.... (ok, and that little trendy black dress thing).

I've learned that if a restaurant gave you a stomach ache before, there's a good possibility it's going to give you stomach ache again!

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