Saturday, May 05, 2007

May 5th, 2007

I've learned that people aren't going to change, so you need to make a change for yourself.

I've learned that sometimes you need a good cry.

I've learned that your husband surprising you at work can turn your entire day around.

I've learned that when the weather is nice and you work across the street from a park, you should take advantage of it during your lunch break!

I've learned that it's perfectly ok to cancel plans with friends to spend time with your husband.

I've learned that sometimes you need to leave the place where you're currently successful to make a better life for yourself in the future.

I've learned that no sample sale is worth standing in a line that is two blocks long BUT I've learned that standing in a long line at TJMaxx to purchase a pair of jeans for $99 that you would normally get at Bloomingdales for $240 is worth every single second!

I've learned that you need to try clothing on because sometimes the size is mislabeled.

I've learned that it's possible to LOVE President Bush for ONE DAY! On Thursday, May 3rd, President Bush finally passed The Animal Fighting Prohibition Enforcement Act which helps law enforcement to get rid of the cruel sport known as dogfighting (think Pit Bulls) and cockfighting. Perpetrators found guilty will now be known as a felon, have to pay a large fine and can face jail time. This law has been in the works for about six years. So for ONE DAY I commend Bush for looking out for the rights of animals. To read more about it, please visit the Humane Society's website at: The President Signs Landmark Animal Fighting Legislation