Saturday, February 24, 2007

February 24th, 2007

I've learned that just when you think the floor has stopped creaking, wait for a 20 degree day.

I've learned that Wednesday night dinners at a diner have a way of making you feel better.

I've learned that a sick husband doesn't make a happy wife.

I've learned that you shouldn't wait five days to see a doctor when you are sick because you might actually have more than a cold! (echem- pneumonia!)

I've learned that just because Valentine's Day candy is 75% off doesn't mean you have to buy some.

I've learned that nothing is better than having a big floppy lap cat who sits on you every single night while you watch television.

I've learned that dropping a Hershey Kiss in a cup of coffee does not make a mocha (that's for you Kristen!).

I've learned that the snow in NYC gets nastier and nastier every year.

I've learned that you don't realize how much you miss your best friend until you see her.

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