Sunday, October 07, 2007

October 7, 2007

I've learned that my style might be safe, but at least I'm not wearing a flower sundress with brown suede knee high boots looking like an idiot!

I've learned that I will use any excuse to get out of the office when it's 75 degrees and sunny.

I've learned that a purse can tie a whole outfit together.

I've learned that when you have a good job everyone around you will wonder why you're so happy.

I've learned that if the foot isn't getting better, you need to take the matter into your own hands and go to an Orthopedist.

I've learned sometimes you can squeeze into some pants, but if they are white, you might as well forget about wearing them.

I've learned that chicken noodle soup and mini carrots might possibly be the best lunch ever.

I've learned that you should always keep some candy in your purse.

I've learned that you should always recheck yourself in the mirror before heading outside to go to work.

I've learned that a person can't always be fashionable, there has to be off days too.

I've learned that when you don't expect much, you won't be disappointed.

I've learned that some things should not be done over text messages.

I've learned that birthdays don't always have to be perfect to be special.

I've learned that if you pick any day to be 30 minutes late to a reservation at TAO, it might as well be your birthday.

I've learned that pearls might actually be a women's best friend and that you should leave it up to your mom (aka Jewelry Queen) to get you 9mm pearl earrings!

I've learned that a flea market in Louisville, Kentucky isn't worth going to and you should opt for the zoo instead.

I've learned that there is nothing better than hanging out with your cool 91-year-old grandma making faces at a camera.

I've learned that people don't put a password on their wireless internet in Kentucky.

I've learned that sleeping with cupcakes is absolutely possible.

I've learned that a friend really knows you when instead of getting you a gift, she makes a donation to the ASPCA in your name.

I've learned that some girls can be so overcome with jealousy that it will overtake their life when all they need to do is be happy with what they have instead of harping on what they don't.

I've learned that it's possible to have two separate colds in a one-week period.

I've learned that the last thing I want to see at 9am in the morning right in front of my office building is a man in biker shorts.

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