Sunday, September 23, 2007

September 23, 2007

I’ve learned that as soon as the temperatures drop just 10 degrees, people think it’s time to wear a scarf.

I’ve learned that running across the platform to catch a train is pointless because doors will only close in my face.

I’ve learned that Birkenstocks are said to be the perfect shoes for a hurt foot, so I’m one step closer to healed.

I’ve learned that I get more compliments about the way I look from strangers than I do from my husband.

I’ve learned that there is nothing more annoying than someone talking on a cell phone in the waiting room of a doctor’s office!

I’ve learned that not being able to wear heels for a month means I have to get a whole new birthday outfit to go out to dinner and I’m not complaining!

I’ve learned that men do not get up out of a seat on a train for a pregnant woman or a screaming baby; it’s ALWAYS a woman who gets up.

I’ve learned that when your Spanish friend is ordering dinner for you at a Spanish restaurant, you have to make it clear to her exactly what you want!

I’ve learned that finding black fur in my orange cat’s mouth means I will find a good scratch on his face from that black cat later.

I’ve learned that when you can’t find a simple silver clutch purse, you need to ask your friend where to go because she will definitely think of a place you haven’t thought of and you will find that purse for $8!

I’ve learned that after four years of living here, I know the best way to get home, NOT the taxi driver!

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