Sunday, October 28, 2007

October 28, 2007

I’ve learned that even the “most comfortable shoes” aren’t going to help a fractured foot.

I’ve learned that causing a commotion in an MRI and Diagnostic Center will cause my doctor to make a phone call.

I’ve learned that when they tell you not to fall asleep during an MRI, they really do mean it.

I’ve learned that I can skip the candy bar at the drug store if I only think of the candy corns waiting for me at home.

I’ve learned that a flu shot is not that bad!

I’ve learned that some people just don’t like Justin Timberlake (wha?).

I’ve learned that carrying one bag on your commute is better than carrying two.

I’ve learned that the friend who currently knows me best is a girl who has never even heard my voice.

I’ve learned that just when you think you get a comfortable seat on the train where you can read your book, here comes a guy who feels it’s necessary to sit right down next to you when there are 24 other seats…. And he then proceeds to pull out a NEWSPAPER!

I’ve learned that I not only have the best doctors in NYC, I also have the best tailor.

I’ve learned that when you’re fully prepared for rain, it won’t rain and then you’re left looking like an idiot in big-ass rain boots.

I’ve learned that you can eat a restaurant more than 50 times before, but it doesn’t guarantee that you won’t get food poisoning.

I’ve learned that I’m not sure it’s a good thing when my husband says “It’s good to have you back to normal”.

I’ve learned that all it takes is a 24-hour bout of food poisoning to make you drop that extra three pounds, but I’m not really sure it was worth it!

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