Sunday, February 15, 2009

February 15, 2009

I’ve learned that it’s now 50¢ to play an arcade video game and the economy is even taking its toll on kids!

I’ve learned that you shouldn’t take THAT train when you know it is always crowded.

I’ve learned that some people don’t realize they are sticking their dirty hands in their mouth.

I’ve learned that sometimes you just aren’t going to make that 5:45pm class at the gym.

I’ve learned that you should never forget your Tide stain stick!

I’ve learned that a person on the train isn’t going to move their bag off the seat next to them unless you ask.

I’ve learned seeing chaos in the city each day means you wont realize when there are ten fire trucks blocking off a major street.

I’ve learned that my cat will do anything to sit right on my lap even if it means sitting on the laptop.

I’ve learned that it’s a good idea to wait to buy because it might go on sale.

I’ve learned that running two miles on a treadmill when you’ve never done it before will cause your heart to hurt the next morning.

I’ve learned that even if you’ve been on America’s Next Top Model doesn’t mean you will be a model – it only means you will get recognized while being a waitress in a restaurant.

I’ve learned that sometimes you just need a night of talking about vaginas.

I’ve learned you can turn anyone into a cheerleader!

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