Sunday, July 20, 2008

July 20, 2008

I’ve learned that once you figure out the difference between a “fun” friend and a “true” friend, your view on friendships change for the better.

I’ve learned that renovations make a huge difference.

I’ve learned that when your best friend is due to have a baby in two days, you better not forget your phone.

I’ve learned that while most calls at 1am are usually bad news, it is possible for the news to be good!

I’ve learned that sometimes you need to give someone a chance to apologize.

I’ve learned that bosses get sick too.

I’ve learned that it’s ok to have ice cream on Monday, coconut crème pie on Tuesday, hot fudge sundae on Wednesday, sorbet on Thursday and nothing to eat for dinner on Friday.

I’ve learned that H&M has the best dresses – and they are cheap.

I’ve learned it’s impossible to eat when it’s 95 degrees outside and there is no air conditioner in the restaurant.

I’ve learned that I will never (I repeat, NEVER) again see a big movie opening weekend in NYC.

I’ve learned that it’s absolutely possible to form new friendships even as an adult and that building those relationships will make you a better person.

I’ve learned that I’ve spend almost 15 years without Super Mario and oh, how I’ve missed him!

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Lana Baker said...

Blog hopping-really like your style!Yes, it looks as if you have done alright for yourself!There's always more that is possible so don't stop now!